Enjoy the Mountains!

Enjoy the Mountains!

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Bring bananas and water

The two keys to staying healthy in unusually high altitudes, especially if you’re one that likes to hike on camping trips, is to stay hydrated and keep your electrolytes balanced. For you, this means two things: water and potassium. Consumption of these two substances will help stave off the muscle cramps and headaches that plague so many campers in high altitudes.

Pack extra stakes and rope

Even on a mountain’s leeward side, you can expect winds to be higher in mountainous areas than they would be closer to sea level. Things you wouldn’t normally tie or stake down (like tablecloths, tarps, etc.) will likely need to be secured at one point or another. Making sure you have the extra materials to do so will make your life much easier at the campsite.

Don’t forget the sunscreen and lotion

The air is dryer and sunlight tends to be more intense in mountainous areas – especially the Rockies. These areas are notorious for causing sunburn and dry skin, even in the winter. So no matter what time of year you’ve planned a camping trip to the mountains for, be sure to bring along some sunscreen and aloe. Use it regularly and generously on sensitive areas every day, especially your face and neck.

For many campers, heading to the mountains for an outdoor adventure is part of their “must-do” bucket list. Camping in the mountains, though, does require some pre-planning and extra precautions. By taking these simple measures, you can help to ensure that your trip to the mountainous outdoors is the experience of a lifetime.

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