About Us

1997 - 2010 The Cubix story starts all the way back in 1997 within the walls of nearly century old factory that was Price Pfister. That was the beginning. The place where some of our core team members met, worked and grew together. Working in both the U.S. and internationally in various roles, with thousands of products and myriad brands within Black & Decker’s Hardware and Home Improvement Division in Orange County, California. With (a combined) decades of experience, eventually everyone broke off to start their own, or run, other businesses, product lines and families. 
2015 - 2018

Fast forward to 2015 and Steve C. Stephens, the founder of Cubix, begins working with one of his former quality and manufacturing teammates in Asia. He digs into the rotational molding (aka rotomolding) market, industry and products. Researching with a former customer in Australia’s outdoor living business, then focusing in on the cooler market, Steve read thousands and thousands of customer reviews on dozens of websites in several regions of the world. Utilizing both positive and negative reviews to determine what customers were liking, not liking, and what was missing about the current products on the market he then began developing a new brand and new product lines.


It took nearly four years to fully research, find the right manufacturing partner, develop prototypes, perfect the product and go to production. Then, in 2019, Cubix Coolers is launched with a limited product line focused on being tough and rugged with a unique style. Enhanced features such as a beefed-up handle to better distribute the weight, ferromagnetic latches for a more secure closure, and thicker walls with extreme insulation to ensure days of cold retention, all made for a product that finally addressed the needs of the customer based on solid research.

2020 – 2022

Even in the midst of the global pandemic, Cubix Coolers begins earning recognition for our high quality and customer satisfaction. A proud moment when our 20-quart cooler wins an award for its quality, high customer satisfaction and versatility.


Cubix launches our new color - Urban Camo


New products launched - our largest and first wheeled cooler. Unique in the cooler market Color Swap-Out kits designed to help differentiate your coolers. And taking our expertise and love of “temperature maintenance”, we expanded into the drinkware market using the same method of “what do customers like and dislike” research to bring in the highest quality and most useful tumblers and mugs.


Cubix Coolers LLC becomes a new division of CubixTek LLC, securing growth investment and ensuring a bright future of innovation, durability and quality.


CubixTek LLC begins corporate move from New York to San Diego, California and formally brings expanded staffing expertise on-board, from our early heritage and systems at Black and Decker. This includes Charles Rogers, Managing Director eCommerce and Branding, and Natasa Levaj-Amadou as Product Marketing & Corporate Programs Leader.


New eCommerce site officially launching… CubixOutdoors.com with special offers and Cube it Out - Power Packs! A unique offering of coolers, drinkware and accessories that are available at a special discount.


Amazing new things coming! Coolers, drinkware, accessories and cases, all designed and manufactured with our core DNA of innovation, durability, and quality.